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Don't let unexpected rain or accident clean-up postpone your track event. Jet-powered track dryers from The Akron Turbine Group remove wetness, moisture and debris on a track in minutes. Getting a race going before you lose money, time or fans. The Akron Turbine Group's Turbo Heater / Dryer is the only heater / dryer designed exclusively for the asphalt and construction industries.

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Generation 2 Jet Dryer / Blower

Superior performance of a down draft jet air blast followed by 900 degree heat clears surface of water and ice and completely dries a six foot path in one pass at regular dryer speed.

This is more efficient than any track dryer, burning only one third the fuel (70gph).

High Power Debris Removal

Track tested 450 mph jet air blast removes all debris even broken brake rotors.

  • Simple to operate, starts with just a flip of a switch.
  • The modular unit can be moved from truck to storage in a matter of minutes so there's no need for a dedicated vehicle.
  • Weighs less than 1,000 lbs. without fuel.
  • Can be used in any full size truck bed.
  • Also available as a trailer mounted unit.

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